Meeting Descriptions

  • Open Meeting


  • Closed Meeting
Everyone is Welcome. The group has voted to allow all comers to attend the meeting, although usually only Heroin Addicts speak.


The group has voted sharing is limited to Heroin Addicts only.

  • Big Book


  • Just for Today Study
The book Alcoholic Anonymous (the Big Book which we use as our basic text in HA) is the text for these meetings. When the focus is on a specific text, usually the group supplies copies of the book for attendees.

Just for Today Study- This format means the group has decided to read from the NA Book “Just For Today” which contains mediations and reflections used for discussion.

  • Discussion
A chairperson is designated for a meeting; the chairperson speaks briefly and usually introduces a topic for sharing by other attendees.
  • Speaker / Discussion
Initial speakers kick off the group’s discussion of matters brought up by the speakers.
  • As Bill See’s It
This meeting uses the As Bill See’s It book from AA to for discussion and is typically a ticket meeting.